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Missions Network is a helpful forum for Christian missions collaboration and discussions on all aspects of missionary life and works. It provides support and encouragement for the missionary/missional hearted. A place to voice your thoughts, concerns, questions (and answers), share news, reports of the Lord's work in your field of labour, and prayer requests, with others of the same faith, aspirations and passions.

You don't have to be a missionary to be a part of this global community network, but loving the Lord and a heart for missions, wether in your own neighborhood or global, is a must.

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"Considering Mission Service - Tom Wilson"
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"Holy Spirit Guide - David Alves"
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"Mission Challenges - Daniel Ussher"
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"The Lord of the Harvest - Uel Ussher"
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                                   ***COMING SOON***
                A series of meetings and reports from the Langstaff Gospel Hall Missionary Conference in 2006 & 2007 in audio format.


A service organization which exists to support Canadian assemblies of the
Lord's people and the workers commended by them.


    Online Evangelism Really Works

With over 1,000 million people already online, the potential for web evangelism is staggering. This is a day of opportunity! You may have the gifts to be involved in web evangelism yourself – and surprisingly, you do not need to be technical!



"...look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest." John 4:35 (KJV)

white fields